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About the Paceship Website
The Paceship Website has been created to provide information about the Paceship Yacht boats and has been expanded to include all known Paceship and AMF/Paceship boats.  We have also more recently developed a section for the Paceship predecessor Mahone Bay Plycraft Company who produced moulded plywood boats and canoes from the late 40's sometimes marketed under the name "Paceships"

We hope this site will continue to grow with the  knowledge and information shared by members to become a great resource for owners and enthusiasts alike.

The Paceship sailboat has been around since at least the late 50's in one form or another. Our ongoing project is to document the specifications and history of the boats, their designers and related items of interest.

Owners of all models, versions and years of the Paceship are invited to write with comments and information on their boats. We also are looking for folks who would like to take over any model section to research and write about that boat. Of course we'll make sure your by-line is added to your work!

IF you have an article you would like to write about Paceship sailing or the care and feeding of the boats, there are many members and other visitors who visit the site who would be appreciative of your time and efforts world wide!
Please also help us with historical information, pictures or instruction/owners manual data and graphics or any other information you might have.
We have made an effort to gather and assemble information on all the boats that is accurate; however, we may have missed some items or erred in some cases, so please feel free to correct us with better information!

Take some time and explore the site!  We have added many new features to the site.

We hope the site can be of use to you in helping to learn and know your own Paceship or perhaps that boat you would like to buy!


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